Friday, January 6, 2012

Transition in Lenoir

Transition in Lenoir by Laurie Elian
After hearing Robb and Jacqui’s presentation on Transition, three Lenoir residents are forming a steering committee for their community.  “I’m so excited about Transition!” says Laurie.  “John and I have been talking a lot about the future.  We agreed that things couldn’t continue the way they are; now we have a common vision for where to go from here in a practical, everyday way.  Transition gives us hope.”

John, who has always preferred gardens over lawns, is interested in connecting with other people who want to be involved in Transition. 
“Our success will require people with a variety of skills to work together,” he says.  John is a chef, a carpenter, and a fisherman, among other talents.   

Laurie is a Nutritionist and enjoys cooking, hiking, hula hooping, and drumming.  Both John and Laurie regularly spend time in nature to experience it’s beauty as well as its healing power. 

Sonja trained at Earthaven near Black Mountain and has a Certificate in Permaculture.  She has had a long-standing interest in the environment and is looking forward to working with like-minded people toward a brighter future. 
Interested Lenoir-area residents may contact John at 828.726.7926, Laurie at 828.726.7925, or Sonja at 

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