Monday, February 13, 2012

Ever considered backyard chickens?

Foothills Transition is organizing a backyard chicken keeping workshop, which includes coop construction, choosing the breed, hatching eggs and raising chicks, legal issues, feed and supplies, keeping chickens healthy,  and protecting them from predators and pests.
Why Chickens?
In permaculture, chickens are considered almost essential for the combination of services they provide. Chickens are a perfect compliment to a home veggie garden. They reduce pests and turn them into valuable manure while also producing a high quality source of protein in their eggs. As a result of being produced by free range birds eating wholesome food without chemicals, the eggs are much more nutritious and even better
tasting. If you plan on eating your birds, a good way to deal with the roosters, the same applies to the meat.
In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, there are the ones that come from any local food production; reduced food miles, freshness, and supporting local economy.

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