Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Uncle Bear's Bit: March 2012

Please pass the butter,” took on new meanings after reading “DEAL DIVA,” a column by Tara
McAlister printed in the Charlotte Observer. She list seven ways of utilizing butter including: Removing
fish and onion smells from hands, easing the cutting of tacky items (dates & marshmallows), and polishing leather goods.

Going to the Internet, under “uses for butter” the Reader’s Digest folks offer their, “7 Super Uses for Butter” featuring: Preventing pots from boiling over, removing sap from skin, and keeping mold off cheese. gives “10 unusual uses for butter.” As examples their list contains: Stopping squeaks, emergency ring removal, and making fingernails grow strong and healthy.

Hopefully by spreading some of these ideas around you will experience the sweet taste that
comes from churning out a little butter and saving a lot of bread.

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