Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Lesson Learned by Uncle Bear

A few months ago I began making bird feeders using landfill-bound frozen dinner trays, snap-on covers, and screw tops for jars made from plastic. Realizing my supply was limited to what came from my kitchen, I started asking neighbors and friends for materials. While I had never given any thought to the large variety of things that could be used to produce tray type bird feeders, I assumed I had seen everything - that is - until I was given….

When the visitor handed me a bag and announced that its contents would make great apartment balcony feeders, I became excited. However, my excitement immediately vanished when I peered into the paper sack. Staring at the contents my only thought was, “How long do I have to wait, after my visitor has departed, before I throw this unwanted trash away?” There was absolutely no way I was going to produce tiny bird feeders out of former snuff containers!

Sitting and scowling at the tobacco holders, I started pondering, “What if I…Or if I tried…How about…However….?” Picking up one of the containers I began experimenting. In the end the aluminum lids were sent to a recycling center, while the plastic containers, with all identification removed, were used to produce excellent tiny bird feeders.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson. If someone gives me something I find objectionable or worthless, rather than discard it, I now take the time to ponder what might be done with it. Thus far, I’ve been able to utilize all of the “objectionable and worthless” items given to me.

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