Friday, April 5, 2013

Pockerchicory Farms pork

Here's a great source for local pork! 

This farm is recommended by the permaculture group, We Are All Farmers 

Just letting folks know Pockerchicory Farms pork prices are finally set. Part of proceeds from this goes to support We Are All Farmers projects and lower cost or no cost workshops:

We offer a range of bulk and individually packaged options!!
Save $1.25 - $2.25 per pound if you order whole, half, or quarters!
Whole Hog: approximately 130 lbs meat, $6.75/lb = $877.50
Half Hog: approximately 65 lbs meat, $6.75/lb = $438.75
Quarter Hog: approximately 32 lbs meat, $7.25/lb = $232.00
A whole hog would come to:
(2) Boston Butt shoulder, approximately 4 - 3lb. roasts 
(2) Inner Tenderloins 
Loin Chops (about 23) OR (6 - 3lb.) tenderloin roasts 
(2 - 4 racks) Whole Rib Racks
Ham roasts or steaks - about 30 lbs
Pork belly/bacon, 15 lbs
(4) Shanks, about 8 lbs
Sausages/ground pork would come from shoulders and or hams plus jowls and trimmings
(4) packs, Liver, 3 lbs
(3) Leaf Lard, 3-4 lbs
If you order a whole or half hog it will be cut completely to order. If you order a quarter, we will give you cuts from all parts of the pig to make 32 lbs. Inner tenderloins will not be included since there are only two per hog and they go with the half or whole hogs.
Soup bones, kidneys and marrow bones come with the whole or half if you want them, but are not included in the charged weight.
Hog heads and other delicacy pieces also available. Inquire on pricing.

Save $.50 - $1.50 per pound when you order a family pack, depends on availability!
Family Pack  (Approx. 20 lbs)
6  Chops (3 pack of 2 each)
1  Roast: Shoulder or Fresh Ham  (approx 3.5 lb each)
4  Country Sausage (ground,1 lb each)
4  Bratwursts 1 lb each (will confirm availability soon)
4  Packs of Spare Ribs 1 lb each
1  Pack fresh bacon 1 lb each
Contains a variety of cuts totaling approximately 20 pounds of pork;  Approx. $150
Prices, Individual cuts, depending on availability
$ 8.00/lb Ground Pork
$ 6.50/lb Spare Ribs
$ 9.00/lb Shoulder Roast (bone in)
$ 9.00/lb Loin Roast (bone in)
$ 8.50/lb Pork Chops (1 per package)
$ 4.00/lb Leaf Fat
$ 3.75/lb Back Fat
$ 4.50/lb Organs (liver, heart, tongue, kidneys)
Pork Sausage
100% organic spices, natural sea salt, $ 8.50/lb (still checking possibility of organic mix)
Breakfast Sausage (bulk), $ 9.00/lb

Happy eating!

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